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Book recommendation: Social Inequality and Public Health

Check out Chapter 4 in the book, Social Inequality and Public Health

Chapter title: Four Reinventing healthy and sustainable communities: reconnecting public health and urban planning

Abstract: People of low socioeconomic status must work harder to achieve the same level of health as people of high socioeconomic status. Not surprisingly, they end up, on average, living in poorer health. This chapter picks up this thread, arguing for better community planning to promote healthy behaviours on a wide scale in both developed and developing countries. It identifies four core themes considered as transferable best principles, essential in bringing policies and programmes up to scale to meet the twenty-first-century health challenge of slums and cities: interdisciplinary engagement, gender equality, sustainable development and democratic institution building. By developing policies and programmes that are pro-poor, the health and lives of all of us stand to improve.

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